the hidden gem Tanap-Avis Falls


Tanap Burgos Ilocos Norte

Tanap Avis Falls a waterfall with unspoiled beauty, a waterfall that truly mesmerize your eyes is one of the isolated and less visited falls of the Municipality of Burgos province of Ilocos Norte. But for the comfort and safety of the visitors the Ilocos Norte government enhanced and improve the access road leading to the falls including the construction of comfortable rooms as well as a tourism deck. A 30-45 minutes hike and trek is worth the sweat to visually perceive the beauty of this hidden paradise. Best time to go here is right after the rainy season so there will be a plenty of water, summer time is a big NO you will just be disappointed because the place is drained.

Aside from hiking and trekking you can also do swimming, cliff diving and picnic with you friends, families or colleagues.

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